Antifa-Black Lives Matter clashed with supporters of President Donald Trump on Saturday at the Million MAGA March in Washington D.C., and it was quite a scene.

It’s really the first time the United States has experienced shades of a civil war, since, well, the actual Civil War, over a century-and-a-half ago. Sure, there’s been civil unrest, and a number of riots, especially in the ’60s, but there wasn’t so much division in the country that two opposing sides clashed.

Until Saturday, that is.

The Million MAGA March started out peacefully, with Trump supporters making their opinion heard and showing their support for the president. Unfortunately, as the day rolled on, Black Lives Matter and Antifa began popping up all over, and it wasn’t long until fights broke out.

One particularly brutal one involved a Trump supporter who was suckerpunched and knocked out for a brief moment.

The man did eventually get up, but he was left bloodied, and may have suffered a head injury. We hope he’s OK.