Monoliths spontaneously appearing all over the world are all the rage these days, such as the one that popped up in the middle of the Utah desert out of nowhere.

And now one has popped up in another natural beauty-based location, except this one wasn’t spontaneous. It’s unclear exactly who put it in Corona Heights Park, but a seven-foot-tall gingerbread monolith appeared in the popular San Francisco park.

This particular monolith, like the others, became an overnight sensation. Bay Area residents and tourists alike flocked to snap photos in front of it, especially given the backdrop, with the beautiful San Francisco skyline in the background.

Some people have even been connecting the dots and referring to it as a Christmas miracle, as it was first spotted on Dec. 25.

There’s even a video that shows a close-up of exactly what this clever-looking structure really looks like, from a firsthand point-of-view.

There’s no word on how the monolith got there, or who was behind it, but we’d love to know. Whoever did deserves major points for creativity, execution and design sense. The gingerbread monolith has become a social media sensation, and it’s not hard to see why it went viral so quickly.