Saturday was one of the craziest days in the United States’ history, as the civil unrest and protests continue to further divide the country.

The Proud Days and supporters of President Donald Trump came to Washington D.C. for the Million MAGA March, and it w as a well-organized event, with quite a turnout. Instead of protesting, like we’ve seen from others, supporters made their message heard in a positive way.

Everything was peaceful, and positive, in the afternoon. Unfortunately, as it began to get darker — Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up, and that’s when chaos erupted. Fights broke out, and Antifa even resorted to heckling and hassling innocent people — even those eating dinner. This particular group had projectiles thrown at them, which was pretty brutal.

The violence was just as bad.

Unfortunately, this civil unrest is going away anytime soon. These groups will continue to attack one another, and it’s tough to watch.