Anyone that lives in or around Washington D.C. knows how popular Dupont Circle is on a Saturday night, and how crowded it can get.

Traffic and congestion are routine occurrences, given how many people are often seen out at the bars, nightclubs and restaurants — no matter the time of year. Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan are the two neighborhoods with the hottest night life, and they have been for quite some time, with that trend probably not changing anytime soon, despite all the gentrification in the area.

Saturday night this time of year is especially busy, as college kids come home for vacation, and often go out to party with their friends. This particular Saturday and the one after Thanksgiving Day are often a bit packed, and that’s probably why Antifa chose to send a message on one of those nights. They marched down one of the main streets, which looked to be K St., in the heart of Dupont Circle — completely stopping traffic in doing so.

Joe Biden may have been elected president, but Antifa clearly isn’t going anywhere.