President Donald Trump was winning the 2020 election by a large margin after Tuesday was over, but it all went downhill for his chances of getting reelected in the days that followed.

A number of major cities saw mail-in ballots come pouring in, with Joe Biden drawing an unbelievably large percentage of votes. Biden was then announced as the projected winner of Michigan and Arizona soon after, putting the pressure on Trump. To his credit, he was leading both Georgia and Pennsylvania, but by Friday, those leads disappeared.

As such, it was announced that Biden was elected as president on Saturday. Still, it hasn’t come without talk of controversy, as Trump’s camp has made claims of fraudulent activity involving the ballots, and how they were counted.

Trump supporters took to the streets of Miami on Saturday to support POTUS, chanting “Four more years!” and more.

It’s going to be a difficult next few weeks, that’s for sure.