NFTs — also known as non-fungible tokens — are all the rage these days, and they’re currently fetching ridiculous prices.

That’s been on display on social media, where artists, athletes and musicians have been selling their digital work in exchange for NFTs, at exorbitant price tags. Even the most passionate art buyers won’t pay a few million dollars for a painting, yet they have no problem paying the same for the rights to digital artwork, in the form of an NFT.

At some point, the bubble has to burst, but we’re clearly not there yet, especially after seeing what one simple tweet recently sold for.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey recently sold his first-ever tweet — which was posted in 2006 — as an NFT, for over $2.9 million. And in case you’re wondering: No, the tweet didn’t contain life-changing advice, unlike the information you’ll find in this popular WordPress tips Udemy course. In looking at the URL, it looks like this was the 20th tweet ever posted on Twitter. At any rate, here’s what $2.9 million can buy you.

Dorsey did donate the proceeds to charity, so while the buyer may have been throwing their money away, at least their efforts went to a good cause.