Barney the Cat has become quite the star on TikTok, but a clever collaboration of sorts made one of his melodic moments even more compelling.

Social media — especially Instagram and TikTok — has given pets such as Barney a platform to showcase their abilities to the world, in a shortform, consumable way. And while the early viral stars of animal variety were mainly cats and dogs, many other animals — birds, gerbils, snakes, etc. — are also finding their way into the spotlight.

As such, the simple days of cute dog and cat photos and videos getting engagement have long passed. Now, animals must step their game up and showcase a talent that few others of their breed possess — like Barney, for example. Barney the Cat developed a strong TikTok following for his ability to play the piano, and another user, @akizguitar, elected to play the guitar alongside his feline friend — making for a pretty awesome collaboration video.

This video has already drawn in over 1.5 million views, and given all the snowfall that has hit the East Coast, it’s unlikely that number will be slowing down anytime soon. Same with Barney’s fame, as the famous cat has had a few of his videos surpass one million views in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does next, with the bar having been set high.