Reporters have a difficult job speaking on live TV, with intangibles often making their lives difficult, but one particular woman never could’ve predicted what ended up disrupting her live shot.

It’s normal that a number of disrupters can compromise interviews, forcing reporters to shoot multiple takes — the weather, people looking to get in the way and cursory language uttered by those they’re speaking to. However, it’s fair to assume that one particular reporter felt safe in doing her live interview, with those factors not in play.

But she was wrong.

The female reporter, Nadezhda Serezhkina, who covers the weather for a local news station (although not the one you can use to live stream 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics online), was recently doing a live report for MIR 24. She was discussing the beautiful weather in Moscow, Russia, with spring in full bloom.

The golden retriever in her live shot had other plans, though, as he jumped up, took her microphone in her mouth — snatching it out of her hands — and stole the show.

Too funny. That dog wins the day.