Diplo may be one of the most creative artists to have ever produced music, especially in the EDM world, but he may have pushed the envelope a bit with a recent performance.

The pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, and it was expected that all the venues in Tampa Bay would play it safe during Super Bowl Week, even with the home team appearing in Super Bowl LV. But apparently, they did not.

Diplo, who lives in Los Angeles, apparently flew in for the festivities, but he wasn’t there to just enjoy the action. No, instead, he was in the area to get the party going, which really isn’t a good idea right now, due to the spread of Covid-19. But unfortunately, some guys prioritize money over everything else, and they apparently can’t turn down paychecks — no matter what the potential ramifications are.

And that’s why many took note of when Diplo alerted the world that he played an event in Tampa on Saturday night, the day before the Super Bowl. He posted a video of him playing in a DJ booth on Instagram — a screencap of which can be seen below.

He did, however, try to cover it up by showing a photo saying “masks are mandatory,” but anyone who’s seen the video knows they clearly were not, as few people — if any — were seen wearing one. Diplo also posted a photo of his mask.

Diplo also posted a photo showing he received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

That’s all well and good for Diplo that he personally got the vaccine, but that has no impact whatsoever on the hundreds of others in the crowd that weren’t wearing masks. This wasn’t a good look, no matter how it’s spun.