Small businesses are really struggling this time of year, with winter just around the corner, and so one particular customer at an Ohio restaurant did all he could to give back.

It was an amazing gesture, as anyone on social media knows how difficult life has become for a number of small businesses across a number of sectors. Restaurants, obviously, have been hit the hardest, as it’s tough to incentivize potential customers to eat outside in below-freezing temperatures, no matter what promotions are advertised.

As such, a number of restaurants have announced they’ve closed up shop over the past few weeks, with more to come, over what feels like a long winter. In the meantime, though, there are a few customers attempting to do their part and help out small businesses, like a customer at an Ohio restaurant recently did. The customer left a $5,600 tip at Souk Mediterranean Kitchen in Toledo, Ohio, instructing it to be split among the 28 staffers working at the restaurant.

Happy holidays, everyone. What an amazing, heartwarming gesture.