The NFL season hasn’t even hit the quarter-mark yet, and already issues stemming from the coronavirus have popped up.

It took only a few weeks for the first NFL game to be postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, as a number of Tennessee Titans players and staffers tested positive for Covid-19. What’s interesting, though, is that no Minnesota Vikings players have tested positive for the virus, even though the two teams squared off on the field in Week 2.

As such, all talk has turned to, “Where do we go from here?” It’s the first time this season the NFL has had to deal with a large number of a team’s players having contracted the virus, so no one really knew how the league would handle it. Well, they took all necessary precautions, electing not to play their Week 3 game against the Steelers, with no future date set as of yet.

But it didn’t end there. Patriots quarterback Cam Newton tested positive for the virus on Saturday, roughly 24 hours before their scheduled game against the Chiefs, and given that he’s the starting quarterback — interacting with so many other players — it’s a big deal. Newton has been placed on the team’s Covid-19 list, and that game is now being looked at possibly being played on Monday or Tuesday instead. More likely, though, we see it being postponed until later in the season, like Titans-Steelers.

And yet, that’s not the end of it all, either. In this whirlwind of news, Saints fullback Michael Burton tested positive as well, with the news being announced on Saturday night.

The talk has now turned to contract tracing, as it will be a miracle if no other players test positive in the next week. In the meantime, the NFL may want to consider having players go into a bubble — or at least a quarantined hotel — to prevent more players, coaches and staffers’ health being compromised going forward. The virus isn’t going away anytime soon.