Beer is the solution to many of the world’s problems.

And if you don’t believe us, or think we’re just spewing out hyperbole, look no further than the powers that be at the British National Lottery. They’re currently facing a predicament, as a recent EuroMillions Millionaire Maker jackpot, with a price set at $1.39 million, has gone unclaimed. 

So how are they attempting to identify the winner? With beer, of course.

The British National Lottery recently teamed up with a popular beermaker based in Walsall, England — Backyard Brewhouse. The winning ticket was purchased in Walsall, so the brewery created a “Just The Ticket” beer, in hopes that the winner will see it, and come forward.

The clock is ticking, as the deadline to claim the money with the winning ticket is in roughly two weeks, so start drinking.