Online shopping continues to grow in popularity every year, but 2020 took sales to a whole different level.

And sure, the driving factor behind a lot of it was COVID-19, as the virus has continued to sweep the globe, this time in a second wave, which analysts had predicted would happen months ago. It’s not safe to shop in brick-and-mortar stores for those that fall in the at-risk category, even while wearing a mask or proper face covering. The best way to approach the situation is simply to avoid it completely, by socially distancing, and staying at home whenever possible.

So that’s why so many people chose to shop online during Black Friday this year, and will likely do the same on Cyber Monday. And it’s not just hearsay or social media activity that backs up this claim. In fact, the numbers show just how massive online sales were over the past few days — setting a Black Friday record.

Spending online on Black Friday was up nearly 22 percent this year, according to Adobe Analytics (via CNBC). People spent $9 billion on Black Friday, which was 21.6 percent higher than last year. It was the second-largest online spending day in history, trailing only last year’s Cyber Monday.

This just proves that no matter the state of the economy, or all the challenges involved in shopping, consumerism will always find a way to win out.