The attack on the United States Capitol completely shook up the country, which led all the way up to President Joe Biden’s inauguration — even taking away from some of the joy and excitement, as there was some uncertainty about how the proceedings would go throughout the day.

But the inauguration turned out to be a success, and everything in Washington D.C. went well. Unfortunately, turmoil swept the opposite end of the country while the inauguration was taking place, as rioters in Portland, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco and elsewhere made their message felt, showing the world that they don’t want any president to take office.

It was a troubling sequence of events, and clearly isn’t going away anytime soon. Lucky for us, the  Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders meme has injected some joy into our lives.

The legendary meme, which has been photoshopped into virtually everything visual, shows a bundled-up Sanders wearing a mask, sitting in a folding chair on the Capitol Hill steps. And yeah, he doesn’t look all that happy, as it was quite cold outside at the time.

The memes that followed did not disappoint, either.

It’s nice to see people around the country smiling, if even for a bit, given all the social unrest that’s been going on over the past year. We can thank Sanders for that moment of respite.